Awareness Centre Denmark

Serving as a national awareness centre, the Media Council works to inform and advise on children and young people’s life in digital media.

The Media Council serves as the national Awareness Centre representing Denmark in a European context. The Media Council works with educators, parents, authorities and organisations to inform and advise on children and young people’s life and activity in digital media.

The Council develops campaigns and guidelines for use in the classroom and home, organises events and conferences and furthermore funds reports on the online life of children and young people. Also, the Council organises special activities in conjunction with Safe Internet Day, which is celebrated every February in more than 140 countries. 

As a Awareness Centre, the Media Council is part of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme and works with national and international partners through the European Insafe network, which runs the website Better Internet for Kids.


Casper Hollerup
Tel + 45 2464 5253

Lisbeth Brunebjerg Holmegaard
Project Manager
Tel. +45 3374 3607

Anna Holm Pingel
Project Manager
Tel. +45 3374 3468

Sarah Sofie Thiele
+45 3374 3562