Board and organisation

The Media Council for children and young people was established by the Ministry of Culture in 1997 and falls under the Danish Film Institute.

The main tasks of the Media Council are to classify films, to advise children and their parents on the use of computer games – and, in the role of national Awareness Centre, to provide information and disseminate knowledge and materials about children and young people’s use of digital media.

The Media Council was established by the Ministry of Culture in 1997 and falls under the Danish Film Institute.

Board members

The Council’s executive board consists of seven members appointed by the Minister of Culture:

Stine Liv Johansen
Assistant Professor, PhD, Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University

Mille Balslev
Expert on children
Teacher, Ørestad Gymnasium

Rasmus Helles
Research representative
Associate Professor, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, University of Copenhagen

Lars Gudmund Hansen
Expert on children
TV producer and teacher

Merete Martensen Christensen
Industry representative of Danish film distributors
Head of Theatrical Distribution, Scanbox

Mette Raun Fjordside
Consumer representative
Vice President, Policy and Strategy at the Danish Consumer Council

Emil Mark Nørholm
Industry representative of the Danish Cinema Exhibitors’ Association
Manager of Atlas Biograferne and Humle Bio

Staff members

Claus Hjorth
Head of Children & Youth
Tel. + 45 2261 5381

Casper Hollerup
Tel. +45 2464 5253

Diana Bjørn Milenkovic (currently on maternity leave)
Project Manager
Tel. +45 3374 3479

Lisbeth Brunebjerg Holmegaard
Project Manager
Tel. +45 3374 3607

Camilla Bruun Jakobsen
Project Manager
Tel. +45 3374 3469

Anna Holm Pingel
Project Assistant
Tel. +45 3374 3468

Stine Nørgaard 
Film and Classification Coordinator
Tel. +45 3374 3601

Sarah Sofie Thiele
Tel. +45 3374 3562