Film classification

The Media Council classifies all films and trailers to be screened theatrically, sold or rented on DVD to children under the age of 15 in Denmark.

The Council classifies films based on an assessment of the film’s potential for "harm," including whether the film may be desensitising, frightening or anxiety-inducing for children.

The Council classifies films and trailers according to a system comprising the following four categories:


     Suitable for all ages

Films without any frightening elements. A fast pace, loud sounds, dynamic editing or scenes of parents and children arguing may frighten children.


     Suitable for all ages, but not recommended for children under the age of 7

Films considered harmless overall, though containing elements that may be frightening to young children. Films containing scenes of children or baby animals that are suffering, abandoned or scolded often fall into this category.

     Suitable for children 11 years and older 

Films with frightening scenes or containing a sense of eeriness and threat, though no actual violence or violent elements. Disaster and science-fiction films and some action-comedies often fall into this category.

     Suitable for children 15 years and older

Films containing explicit violence or films that downplay violence. The degree of realism in the depiction of violence is crucial to films being classified with an age limit of "11" or "15."

It generally applies that all films may be viewed by children age 7 and up, when accompanied by an adult.



Stine Nørgaard
Film and Classification Coordinator 
Tel. + 45 3374 3601